Kpop: An Innovation That’ll Revolutionize Music

Said to be food for the soul, music has been a huge influencing factor on the human mind since the beginning of time, and still continues to be. From jazz to country, indie to hiphop, pop to rock, music varies and comes in all shapes and sizes. It has evolved greatly over time, budding primarily from jazz and other classical music, to now EDM, ‘screamo’, rap, reggae and others. And another recent category into the industry that has taken the world by storm, mostly adopting the form of reggae, is ‘Kpop’, or Korean Pop simply.

An Inovation in Music Kpop

Music is known to be soothing for the troubled and stimulating for the excited, and this specific type in my opinion fits the standard. Though Kpop, originating from Southern Korea, has been prevalent among the locals throughout the ages, it has also over the span of the last few decades become successful across the foreign world too, building a strong and huge fanbase for themselves spread across the planet. Some of the famous bands include BigBang, EXO, BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, Monsta X, GOT7, TWICE and the list goes on. Kpop has adopted and modified the ways of western music into something amazing, with innovative sounds and words that seem so familiar, even though sung in a language most of us don’t understand. From soulful singers beautifully hitting every single note high and low, to fluent rappers with the deepest rhymes, Kpop delivers and does not disappoint.

An Innovation in Music Kpo

Many find this newborn fame to be ridiculous because of many reasons, which are otherwise irrelevant because the quality of this music easily rivals the best of the best in the western world, their rating charts a clear indication. The only thing holding Kpop back from more success in my opinion is simply the language barrier, nothing else, because these musicians have created some of the best tunes I’ve ever heard, and even though its recognition and appreciation does often get lost in translation, Kpop is still an incredibly successful genre to global music that keeps reaching higher levels of success with each passing day.

Music Kpop

From solo artists to multiple person groups, Kpop is a revolutionary phenomenon which only proves that to succeed you don’t need artificial money or claims to another language, all you need is hard work and the desire to go further. And anyone in on the updates with this music, can easily agree with me when I say that this success is here to stay and to make a definite impact on all of us.


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