“Know Your Nikahnama,” Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Third Animated Film From AAGAHI

Do you know that there is a section in your nikahnama (marriage contract for Muslims) that allows women the right to separation (khula) and also prescribes a monthly pocket money from their spouses? A lot of us wouldn’t even recognize that. Why? For the reason that as a practice, our elders purely withdraw off the page, asking you to only sign where it’s required.

However that shouldn’t be the case. A woman, in Islam, has all the right to know what’s in her Nikahnama and following the same, SOC Films has launched their third animated film from the much long-awaited series AAGAHI.

Know Your Nikahnama, clarifies the various sections in the Nikahnama, stressing on the vital information that the bride should know before she signs this legal document. The three-minute video discusses the rights that may be presented to the bride via the Nikahnama: what is given in the Mehr, the right of divorce (Talak), and even the right to a prearranged monetary allowance the husband gives his wife every month, etc.

The video includes contact information for various helplines, counseling services, and legal support services available to people who may have questions about their Nikahnama.

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