Know how to Drive? Here’s the Process to get Learner, National and International Driving License

In Pakistan you will find people of all ages on the driving seat of a car, what these people don’t realize is the importance of a driving license before putting the key in the car’s ignition. Seat belts save your life but a Driving License saves you from a lot of trouble and legal issues in case of an accident. Not only is it the first priority for driving, it is an extremely easy process. In this post I’ve mentioned types of driving license in Pakistan.

Learner Driving License/Learner’s Permit

The first step is to get a Learner’s Permit which can be issued if you meet the following age criteria and required documents:

  • 18 years for Motor Cycle and Motor Car
  • 21 years for LTV, Rickshaw, Tractor and commercial vehicles
  • 22 years for HTV

Required Documents Include

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Ticket of Rs. 60 for each category.(these are issued by GPO and The Learner’s Permit Office as well)

You just need to show up at the Learner’s Permit Office and get your photos taken, meet the above mentioned requirements and you will get your Learner’s permit.

Regular Driving License

Once you have the permit, you can learn to drive and after six weeks you are eligible to apply for the regular driving license. The following Documents and fee are the requirements to keep in mind:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Three Recent Passport size photographs
  • A medical certificate.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate for candidates above the age of 50 years.
  • Form A for Driving License.
  • Original Learner’s Permit of six weeks or more.
  • Relevant Tickets of the fee on the documents.
  • 180 on STR form have to be deposited after passing the test.

The list of  driving license Pakistan prices is as follows:

  • Ticket of Rs. 550 for Motor Cycle
  • Ticket of Rs. 900 for Motor Car
  • Ticket of Rs. 950 for both Motor Cycle and Motor Car
  • Ticket of Rs. 900 for LTV
  • Ticket of Rs. 950 for Motor Cycle and LTV
  • Ticket of Rs. 300 for Tractor (Agricultural)
  • Ticket of Rs. 600 for Tractor (Commercial)
  • Ticket of Rs. 950 for LTV and PSV
  • Ticket of Rs. 1200 for HTV
  • Ticket of Rs. 1200 for HTV and PSV
  • Ticket of Rs. 600 for Motor Cycle Rickshaw
  • Ticket of Rs. 650 for Motor Cycle and Motor Cycle Rickshaw
  • STR Form of Rs. 180 in DLIMS Fee

Once you know the relevant fee and documents:

  • Head to the nearest Testing Center as mentioned on your Learner’s Permit.
  • They will give you the required documents and complete your file and inform you of your test date.
  • Appear on the given date pass the verbal and practical test and you will have your driving license issued.

International Driving License

If you seek an International Driving License

  • You need to have a Local Driving License with its attested copy.
  • An attested copy of CNIC.
  • 2 attested passport size photographs.
  • Ticket of Rs. 22 for Court fee.
  • Ticket of Rs. 60
  • STR form of Rs. 180 after passing the test.
  • International License will be issued the day application is received.

Go get your license, Drive Safe!

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