Kiki Challenge Flew Too Far On PIA

So, somebody started dancing on Drake- in my feelings (kiki song) side by side of a moving car and it became a trend but it took a bizarre turn when travel blogger Eva Bianka Zubeck did the challenge on Pakistan’s airport in an empty aircraft and then danced on runway. Some Pakistanis thinks ‘oh wow such positive image of Pakistan’
while National Accountability Bureau (NAB) took hold of the situation more professionally.

The video of Ms Eva went viral on Monday and NAB seeks a response that who let the foreigner dance on highly secured area. They’re looking to find whether it is a case of misuse of authority or not and the official notice to PIA will be sent on 15th August. “We want to know who allowed the woman to go into an empty aircraft and dance at the airport, We want to ascertain that who had permitted the women to freely move into a highly secured runway of the airport”- NAB spokesman.

Although, the video was uploaded on PIA’s official page on Facebook and announcement was made through PIA’s twitter account , the Airline authorities deny any and all involvement in the scenario.

PIA Spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar in a statement today said, “PIA denies any involvement in the video of a foreigner girl dancing. This video was shared on PIA’s page but now has been deleted. An inquiry has been constituted in this regard.

Since NAB condemned the act, the blogger within few hours of video had to issue another video for clarification.
In the video she claims that she was doing a blog on travelling to Karachi and someone had suggested to do the kiki challenge as it was trendy. Further, she thanks all the people for love and support and apologizes to the people (indirectly the officials) who didn’t appreciate or like the video for various reasons.

A lot of people showed up on twitter with support to Eva and calling NAB a disgrace.


Well, here is why NAB was not wrong and people needs to stop being emotional bashers on twitter. As a travel blogger and promoting Pakistan’s positive image Eva is and must be appreciated and applauded because over the years the situation has improved.

On the other hand praising the Kiki challenge as a different way to celebrate the independence of Pakistan isn’t exactly wise because airport runway is considered highly secured and a sensitive area and only numbered officials of airport are allowed there. So the rest must seek permission. A not-so-official blogger dancing in an empty national airline aircraft and the runway simply portrays the image that anyone can be cleared to do anything even in the secure areas as well which was somewhat  promoted by the airline itself, which is not that positive of an image of Pakistan.

Secondly, it can be argued that the Kiki dance or song has no relation to our independence. Simply dancing in green Shalwar Kameez on a western song is not independence spirit for most Pakistanis.

Despite the differing takes on it, we know that Eva meant no harm. We hope that people all across the globe find more authentic ways to promote Pakistani culture and for the Pakistani people themselves to be content with it.


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