Kid Brutally Killed In New Delhi Due to Extremism

The world we live in, is being more and more hypocrite as the days are passing.

People are making their confusions and ambiguities term as liberalism and those who are against those behaviors are conservatives. When in reality if we take a deep breath and observe, the confused ones are imposing themselves as ultimate bearers of truth and negating completely what other people have to say. LGBT supporters are thought to be liberal, those saying otherwise are thought to be stupid. Atheists are liberal and religious people are thought to be not. There is so much hatred being spread in this world based on the confused thinking. “I am right but you are always wrong is prevailing” ideology is entrenched in everyone.

Our neighbor country is getting very “liberal” so much that, those following the religion have no rights left, even if they are kids. Some thing of the same nature happened in New Delhi. In a muslim madrassa, a kid was playing during his break time and some extremists, who suffer from islamophobia came brutally murdered him. The students over there said that they are usually threatened by these people and often get bullied. The kids said that they usually ignore it and the matter resolves peacefully but this time a death occurred. The reported madrassa is giving its services since 1988. The gang is reportedly to be allies of some woman who threatened the madrassa after this killing by saying:

“Abhi to aik mara hai, agay agay dekho hum kartay kiya hain.”


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