Khawaja Zaheeruddin: An Age Defying Cyclist from Islamabad

“When in doubt pedal it out”, says the great, enthusiastic, charming, age defying and charismatic personality “Khawaja Zaheeruddin”. He is one of Pakistani cyclists that have an aim to promote physical activity and tourism in Pakistan.

Khawaja Zaheeruddin is a Digital Payment Business Solution Consultant, works in Mobile Commerce and has worked for IBM for fifteen long years in USA. He is also a traveler and has voyaged above 40 countries. Apart from his job, he devotes his time for the guidance of youth in the field of business. He has worked for many programs at Pakistan National Council of Arts, PTV and a story narrator at Kuch Khaas. He calls himself a feminist and is proud to be.

A few years back he made an organization with a mission to empower Pakistani women through cycling. He named it EBR “Early Bird Risers” and he gave the participants a unique name coiled by himself “Sheroes” like heroes. He among with his team has trained eighty plus women to cycle, has been with them in different phases of learning and took them onto unimaginable adventures. He has a cycling partner Miss Samreen whom he calls Captain Samreen. She has accompanied him on the toughest paths on pedal. He can be seen posting his daily cycling which he do with random people. He posts every day’s track.

He was a part of PSL rally when Islamabad United came to Islamabad. He can be seen in his Facebook lives, hanging out and chilling out in Sun or Moon, under the bare sky with his mates doing camping, doing Barbecue,  and enjoying the glimpses of cultures of different areas all on his pedal. He is against the gym culture. He gather rounds with youth to sing “Ye watan tmhara hai tm ho pasbaan iss kay” on loud notes while cycling. He believes that youth is the only asset we got and they should be protected from the dangers of 21st century, which can only be achieved by acquiring the nature around.


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