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He is a very well known figure among the Baloch people and a current member of the National assembly belonging to the party pakistan muslim league Nawaz.

Age of Khalid Hussain Magsi

Hussain Magsi was born in 1970 on the 2nd of Feb. His father was Nawab Saif ul Magsi.

Education of Khalid Hussain magsi

Very well educated person and a important person of his tribe.

Khalid Hussain Magsi Political Career

He began his still young career in politics in 2005. This was when got appointed through elections the district Nazim of the area Jhal magsi.
He belongs to pakistan muslim league Nawaz (PML-N). The party showed faith in him and gave him the ticket to contest the elections in 2013 for the MNA seat from NA -267.
He didn’t disappoint in the elections whatsoever and emerged victorious thus becoming the member of the national assembly which he currently is too.
However , there were certain controversies surrounding his win in the elections and so the election tribunal of Baluchistan called for re-election in his constituency saying that he had won by unfair means.
This incidence called for by elections but Khalid Hussain magsi once again emerged victories by beating his rival belonging to PTI.
According to some unofficial sources it was revealed that the margin between the two candidates was that of some 10,000 votes

Contacting Khalid Hussain Magsi


Father’s Name Nawab Saif Ullah Magsi
Permanent Address Jhal Magsi


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