‘KEH DO’ All That You Couldn’t Say Before

Believe it or not, a lot of our problems arise from one simple problem: we don’t speak up when we need to, or want to. Speaking up, and at the right time, is amongst the most critical things that determine how the future will unfold, and to do that first we need to truly learn about ourselves, know ourselves, deem ourselves important, and then be content with ourselves to know what we want, and when we want it, how to react and when to react in what way.

‘KEH DO‘ can mean a lot of things; it could advocate basic rights for people who have done wrong, it could be a motivation for people with social anxiety who need help with even the smallest things, it could be the gateway to success for someone struggling to get their point across; but what all of these and countless more situations all have in common is the basic motive of speaking up: keh do, and sometimes, simply keh do can be the break we’re all looking for. In order to move forward and to succeed, one needs to understand and appreciate the self, and the self’s needs, and know how and when to get those needs because every individual deserves to think about themselves and appreciate themselves.

KEH DO Foundation, an organisation made with the similar prospects to promote the importance of speaking up, to shine light on the significance of mental health and to ponder on why it is so hard to achieve both these things. This organisation main motivational speaker, Clinical Psychologist Sobia Khateeb has been working since 2011 for this cause, to make psychological help accessible, approachable and affordable for her clients as she focuses on the greater good of the act, and works to focus on psychological health and knowledge above all.

Having conducted many successful seminars and workshops on the same motive and inspiration, to make positive mental health attainable in this age of unrest and despair, Psy. Sobia Khateeb and her active team work day in and day out for these goals, because they recognize the importance of speaking up, they realize the significance of words and the great impact they have, and they realize the value of rightful words being said, because words cut deeper than the sword, and though physical wounds eventually fill, emotional and mental wounds seldom do.

So its high time to seriously think over this cause for better mental health, and try to bring a positive impact on our lives and on others’. Its time to speak up, your words matter, its time to keh do!

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