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Karim Ahmed Khawaja is a Pakistani politician and a member of the senate. He belongs from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Karim age

Education of Karim Ahmed Khawaja

Karim has a MCPS Psychiatry Karachi which he got in 1996.

Karim Ahmed Khawaja’s Political Career

Karim was elected as a member of senate during the senate elections of 2012. He will retire in March 2018. Currently he is associated with a number of committees of Senate, namely; Senate Library Committee, Foreign Affairs, Information Broadcasting and National Heritage, Planning Development and Reforms, Commerce, The Project of China-Pak Economic Corridor and Issue of Lapse of Various Foreign Scholarships.

Karim work

Contacting Karim Ahmed Khawaja

MOBILE: 0301-2265637


ADDRESS: Flat No.306, Noor Residency, behind Garden Jammat Khana, Garden East, Karachi.


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