Karachi is Drying Up! Scarcity of Drinking Water a Lot Sooner Than Expected

Water is the main source of survival for over every living being on earth covering 70% of earth’s surface. Only 3% from this major part of world’s water is fresh and is been used up. Sadly, this much amount of water is getting scarce due to mass degradation of world’s ecosystem. There are many issues that are arising over the years due to which the consumption of water and its shortage is increasing day by day.

And it has been estimated that by the year 2025, most of the part of land will not be able to avail this grant of survival. It can be exclaimed that the human population has successfully devastated our natural beauty. The massive increase in pollution, urbanization, deforestation, and rising population is eagerly drying up the land with its increased demand.

Karachi is Drying Up! Scarcity of Drinking Water a Lot Sooner

Currently Karachi has started to face this major drawback, with most areas of the city are unable to avail this facility. Most of the people are explicating boring system in order to overcome this issue. Due to continuous drainage of water from underground, the land of Karachi is drying down, withstanding to which the temperature of land is rising day by day. Natural supply of water in the city is shortening, this is the reason people are switching to secondary means to evaluate drinking water.

Karachi is Drying Up! Scarcity of Drinking Water

The boring system of extracting water from deep underground can whereas supply enough water for the survival but the rapid increase in this process is day by day drying the underground soil, which is making the land fragile.

Therefore, in order to sustain water for a longer period of time, the only solution is to make use of it in a calculated manner rather than wasting it.


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