Kachra Taken to Another Level!

A work of Satire

Okay people we need to discuss. I am walking down the road side, just chilling with my vibes and guess what I see on yet another garbage pit, a contraceptive not to be talked about and used so extensively that our population is under control and all the STDs are away from us, yes people I am going to take the name “A Condom”!  Seriously people, why would anybody throw it away like a banana peel! Well all the other kinds of garbage were okay till now because we were used to it.

Like some diapers full with small human’s excretory material and you step on it but its okay because the heap on the roadside is where you dump it right? It was okay when we threw the sanitary napkins out in the environment because duh! Those were wrapped in gift paper like Japanese first in a pink envelope and then in another shopper so that it looks good while laying on the road side out of the CDAs dustbins. It was fine when we threw our razors because we know that our nation in immune to HIV and AIDS, come on we are healthy people! The plastic waste was actually an honor to throw because it did not disgust or private, it’s just bottles or boxes which can get mixed with animal food but nothing that matters.

The post Eid ul Azha celebration, I mean all the intestines and pretty towel looking stomachs of animals, they are just part of Eid, we can wait and smell all of its meaty goodness until any NGO or firm hires volunteers to clean it up because apparently that’s not our responsibility!  Peeing and pooping on the roadside is also okay because natural fertilizer and the air becomes so natural like ancient times. Don’t even get me started on the Mujassama e Abul Haul we leave after doing our required work at public bathrooms, because we are kings and queens. And municipality workers don’t care of how free we are in public bathrooms.

But condom! Oh keep your secrets at your home! Baki chalay ga!


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