Justice Ali Baqir Najfi Report on Model Town Incident

Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered Punjab government on Tuesday December 5th 2017, to make the incident report public for the model town incident. But Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif challenged the LHC decision and filled appeal for review to a larger bench of LHC who rejected the petition and ordered Punjab government to make the report available immediately to the family of victims of the incident and make it public with in 30 days.

On July 17-2014 at around 09:00 am in the morning, severe clash between police and PAT workers turned into a massacre and resulted in at least 14 deaths of PAT workers & almost 100 people injured in the incident. PAT chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri stood against the responsible of the incident which he think are the CM of Punjab and former Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah. An FIR was filled against Punjab government in LHC and the final report was issued from Justice Ali Baqir Najfi which was confiscated by the Punjab government and they decided not to make it public for several reasons. Main points of the report are:

  • On 21-06-2014 CCPO Lahore Shafiq Gujjar submitted a report in which he stated that Syed Altaf Hussain Shah the Chief secretary officer of Idara Minhaj-ul-quraan fired with his SMG causing bullet injuries and deaths and police retaliated with tear gas shells. He further stated that 63 civilians & 35 police officials were injured and total of 9 people died.
  • On 23-06-2014 CCPO submitted another report in which he stated that 44 people were arrested & sent to Judicial lock up of which 21 were admitted to the Jinnah Hospital and later sent to the judicial lock up.
  • On 30-06-2014 ISI, IB, Special Branch Investigation, police, Then Law Minister Rana SanaUllah, Dr Touqeer Shah secretary of CM, submitted their reports to the Court, details can be found in the report, whose PDF format version is attached.
  • On 30-06-2014 statements of civilians injured persons under treatment in hospital were recorded through session & district judges. Total of 15-20 eye witnesses aged between 19-55 years were not in a position to appear before judicial Tribunal
  • On 30-06-2014 IG Punjab police also provided copies of SOP’s for the communications of orders to the police officials on ground during the operation.

Reports Provided by Intelligence Services of Pakistan

All three intelligence services of Pakistan submitted their reports about the incident and stated the following:

Report of ISI

Report submitted by DD ISI held Punjab police responsible for more than 10 deaths and 71 causalities. Police forcefully tried to remove the barriers in PAT secretariat which were placed on the order of LHC. Police use their guns which resulted in death causalities. The O.C. ISI Lahore, intervened after realizing the severity of situation and its repercussions contacted Dr. Tauqeer Shah on 12:30 pm on his cell phone who replied that he was not feeling well and did not know about the details as he could not attend his office.

Report Of IB

Report Submitted to the court by IB stated that police was trying to remove the barriers near the vicinity and the residence of Dr Tahir ul Qadri and during this attempt a guard positioned on the terrace of his residence opened fire at police which resulted in one police official injured after that police retaliated and opened fire in self defense which resulted in 9 deaths and several causalities.

Report by Special Branch

In this report it was stated that after the meeting held between Ch. Shujat Husain and Tahir ul Qadri in London, it was decided to form an alliance against the government and named it “Hakoomat Hatao” movement and the report of special branch was submitted to Rana SanaUllah and other government officials who tried to stop the alliance a Dr Tahir Ul Qadri was bound to come back to Pakistan on 26-06-2014, and PAT workers were so enthusiastic to welcome their leader and took part in alliance & protest against the government.

Facts Revealed Chronologically

The Whole operation lasted for more than 12 hours and in the intervening event details are given in the report, which stated that first it was said that police has killed 2 women PAT workers which created stampede in the workers and the developed anger in PAT workers encouraged them to stop police force from using lethal force and stop them being furious on the unarmed workers. Other details can be found in report.

Facts Un-Earth

National and international Media started covering the events at and around the IMQ showing the Tamasha staged by the Punjab police. It is stated in the report that meeting had already taken place a day before at the civil secretariat, chaired by the Law minister, Rana Sannah Ullah wherein the return of Dr Tahir ul Qadri on 23-06-2014 and his long march from ISB to LHR was discussed in view of the concerned reports submitted by the special branch of Punjab Police. At 11:00 am on 17-06-2014 DIG convened on spot meeting in which decision was made to call elite force and move forward towards the Idara. There are videos and snaps showing the direct fire shots towards the PAT workers. At about 01:30 pm the barriers were removed from and around the Idara and police reported 9 deaths and 54 injuries at that time.


In the said meeting held on 16-06-2014 held under the chairman of the former Punjab Minister for Parliamentary affairs, Local Government & community Affairs, Rana Sannah Ullah, and and attended by Chief Secretary, Secretary of Chief Minister, Home Secretary Punjab, CCPO Lahore, Commissioner Lahore and other government officials in which Rana Sannah Ullah had the strong point of view who decided not to allow Dr Qadri to take any opportunity to full fill his objective

The level of Co-operation in digging out the truth is that no police official from top to bottom did utter a single word about the person under whose command the police resorted to firing upon the PAT workers. This led the tribunal to say that this motive of betrayal of law by the police aimed to bury the truth speaks volume of their high handedness.

More details can be found in the full PDF version of Justice Ali Baqir Najfi report.

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