Judging a Fish By It’s Ability to Climb Tree!

Albert Einstein once said:

If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid.

Today, our educational system is worse than anyone could ever have imagined, the country is in an educational crisis. It does not teach people how to think, it just tells us what to think. It does not help us to build our characters and personalities, it just teaches us to become robots and laborers who work for the capitalists that run this system. We talk about our society filled with unproductive and useless people but we never look into the causes, and if we do, we don’t want to or can’t solve these problems.

Judging a Fish By It's Ability to Climb Tree!

Today, we not only make fish climb a tree, we make it do hurdles and run a 400 meter marathon as well. We kill the creativity of our children in the name of education. We tell them that we get knowledge only to earn money. When they don’t know the true meaning of wisdom and knowledge, how can they ever become productive? Today, we have the same educational system that Britain had employed to train workers for it’s rising industry.

Not everyone is born with the same skills and intellect. Every one is fit for something but that something is not ours nor the government’s to determine, its theirs. They should be given the right to pursue their dreams not act on our wishes. We tell our children to become doctors or engineers or pilots, but if they want to become artists, singers, religious scholars or anything that does not give much money, we simply beat the crap out of them. We put them under unnecessary stress by telling them what they should do even when it’s against their wishes and desires. They try to cram everything, not giving a damn to logic, thus losing the ability to reason and think.

Judging a Fish By It's Ability to Climb Tree

The educational system of this nation is also corrupt. Students boil their brains over in an attempt to get good grades and secure a better future but guess who wins? The guy with the most contacts and best bribery. During checking of exams, the teachers simply come there for money and do not take into consideration the consequences of their actions. They tick what they want and cross when they are not in the mood. Many worthy students lose their futures this way and leads to a huge loss of precious lives by suicide. All of this is due to the corrupt system and some of the selfish teachers who care for naught but money.

We need to bring a change in our educational system, to teach children how to think, how to imagine and not how to earn and eat and die. We can launch strikes for sex and nudity and what not so why can’t we stand up for once for the right thing? Why can’t we ever think about the nation as a whole instead of ourselves? The future, prosperity and stability of a country is determined by the youth. If our youth is useless, what future do we have?


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