Jobs You Can Do When You Have an Artistic Side to You

There are so many fun ways to express your artistic side. Creativity is also necessary for business careers involving design, imaging and communication. Whatever your creative talent, there are numerous business world occupations that would be a good match for you.

The trick to the elusive art of finding a job that allows you to express your creative side.

You are a person of passion and that passion is fed through creativity. It could be painting, writing, acting or music. For creative souls, the draw to their art is undeniable and worth investing in.

1. Animator

Animators develop characters, objects, and environments for various applications, including video game development, motion graphics for TV and film, and more.  A blend of creative and technical skills is important in this field.

2. Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create designs for everything from clothing and costumes to accessories and footwear. You need an eye for color and a good understanding of the functions and uses of different fabrics. It also helps to be familiar with the textile production process.

3. Architecture

Designing buildings that are both functional and attractive takes a unique blend of artistic ability and mathematical skill. Architects have to understand the properties of different building materials as well as the structural and mechanical issues involved in constructing homes, office buildings, stores, and factories. Those with a solid grasp of sustainable design principles may find the best opportunities.

4. Interior Designing

Why not let your artistic side loose on your home?  Make your home a reflection of yourself. It’s your home, so you can do whatever you want to it. Make art, display found objects, paint crazy murals, or use textiles. You could design the inside space of private homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, airports, schools, or hospitals.

5. Writing

A variety of writing-related careers call for creativity. Positions such as feature article writers, public relations executives and editors all require attention to detail, flair and imagination. Copywriters are also hired for in-house communication departments of companies and are charged with scripting presentations, writing corporate literature, newsletters, annual reports and crafting Web copy.

6. Photography

Photographers are visual storytellers who use images to record events, convey ideas, and capture emotions. Some produce original artistic creations that are sold in galleries and studios; others specialize in portraits, commercial photography, photojournalism, or scientific documentation. Photography careers can include a wide range of creative business endeavors. Product photographers are responsible for making a company’s goods appear picture-perfect for advertising campaigns. Commercial photographers use their creative nature to capture the essence of corporate photography needs in a unique light.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create and edit visuals, typically in graphic design software like Adobe design. You’d most likely work directly for a brand or for a variety of clients at an agency. Graphic design uses an artist’s eye to create anything from websites to advertisements and logos. It can be a great career for artists who also have computer skills.

8. Makeup Artists

As a makeup artist, you could use your creative flair to bring out a bride’s natural beauty, transform an actor into a hideous monster, or help a politician look their best for television appearances. You need to have a solid grasp of color theory and application techniques; it’s also important to understand how to choose the right combination of cosmetics for different face shapes and skin types.

The range of creative jobs that are available is vast. Do you have the skills you need to realize your career ambitions? Then pursue it as a career and follow your dreams.


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