JIT Stands For in Pakistan

JIT has become a common word in Pakistan because of the media hype the current political situation has gained. JIT stands for ‘Joint Investigation Team’ & in Pakistan, currently, the term ‘JIT’ stands for the joint investigation team of Panama case.

This Panama case JIT was formed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to investigate some allegations over the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Yesterday, on 10th July, 2017, this JIT submitted it’s report to the Supreme Court and it’s been widely reported that according to the findings in report, PM Nawaz Sharif would have to resign from his position as head of state.

The Panama case JIT report implicates not only the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan but also the following:

  • Family of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (his two sons, Hassan Nawaz & Hussain Nawaz and his daughter, Maryam Nawaz)
  • Shahbaz Shariz (Chief Minister of Punjab & Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s brother)
  • Ishaq Dar (Finance Minister of Pakistan)

In days to come, the report probably would affect a number of senior politicians of Pakistan. Not just the ruling party ministers but also from other political parties.

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