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Mr. Jamal Ahmed is a politician in Sindh Assembly whose tenure spans from the year 2013 till date. He is an able politician and has arisen from roots of politics. He belongs to left-wing, mainstream, democratic party voicing liberal thoughts and tights for minorities mainly constitutes middle and lower class of population led by Altaf Hussain namely Muttahida Quami Movement. He belongs to constituency PS-101 Karachi-XIII. He has taken part in relief efforts and betterment of his community.

Jamal Ahmed has been a strong voice for the rights of its community and he has always raised the concerns of his constituency at government doors. His current official position is a Member of Standing Committee on Social Welfare.

Family of Mr. Jamal Ahmed

Jamal Ahmed is not only a politician but a father, a husband, a son and a brother. He lives a married life of tranquility and manages good relations with his relatives. He resides in Karachi where he was born on 23rd December 1965. He lived most of his life in Karachi where he was brought up and nurtured. He has raised four children who are all obedient and good citizens. Mr. Jamal Ahmed is Muslim by religion and by language and lineage he is Urdu Speaking.

Profession of Mr. Jamal Ahmed

Apart from being a politician, Mr. Ahmed is also a banker.

Contact of Mr. Jamal Ahmed

Mr. Ahmed lives in the Nazimabad side of Karachi at the following address: Sector 14/B-R-314 Shadman Town, North Nazimabad, Karachi. His listed number is 0300-9280512.

He has a Twitter page

Some pictures of Jamal Ahmed

Jamal Ahmed career


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