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Mr. Jam Khan is a renowned politician in Sindh Assembly. Tenure of Sindh Assembly spans from the year 2013 till date. He is a creative politician whose advices are listened and considered. He belongs to Hyderabad area and is famous for his relief works. He belongs to constituency PS-47 Hyderabad-III. He has been very active in raising the issues of his community at the government doors. He has always raised the concerns of his constituency at government doors. He speaks Sindhi as prime language and follows Islam as religion. He is a devout Muslim and a man who loves common people.

Political Career of Mr. Jam Khan

Currently he is serving as Minister of Livestock and Fisheries. He has brought various new plans in bringing progress in the field of Livestock and Fisheries. He belongs to mainstream left-wing political party led by front face Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian.

Age of Mr. Jam Khan

Mr. Jam Khan was born in Hyderabad and lived his early life there and was nurtured there. His birth of date is 5th March 1982.

Family of Mr. Jam Khan

He is living a happy married life and has nurtured a good family. He has raised 1 child who is obedient and dutiful citizen.

Education of Mr. Jam Khan

Academically he is a qualified person who has done Bachelors of Law and Bachelors of Commerce.

Contact of Mr. Jam Khan

He lives in his constituency at Village Karan Khan Shoro, Jamshoro Road, Hyderabad. His contact number is 0300-8372058.

He has a Twitter page as well:


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