It’s Sonali Bandre’s Way Of Dealing With This

One of her favorite Bollywood girls from the 90’s, Sonali Bandre has been diagnosed with a high grade cancer and is currently ongoing treatment in New York.

It truly inspiring to see her strength during this journey, with recently Sonali supporting a rather cute bob cut while captioning :

‘We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward’

She further added that the only thing she is trying to be consistent about is maintaining a a positive outlook. Few people have the strength of turning their misfortune into positivity. This remarkable strength is commendable and we wish for nothing but a speedy recovery for her.

She added:

‘It’s my way of dealing with this’

She affirmed her fans and well wishers that she will share her journey so that it can give strength to other people dealing with similar situations.

She shared an adorable video of getting that bobcut as part of the process while supporting a smile so wide, it is sure to inspire many.


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