It Was a Conversation Not a One Way Communication Between Ayesha Gulalai & Imran Khan – Hamid Mir

When asked about what did he saw in Ayesha Gulalai’s phone, Hamid Mir of the famous GEO TV talk show, Capital Talk, responded, “Try to understand the background of this. When she joined us in our talk show, i said that a number of people are arguing that you haven’t showed any proof of these allegations yet. She said that clearly that she will produce the evidence in the legal courts. She further said that she has a lot to show to the courts. Then i asked her if she can show me something so that i may ask for the opponent’s opinions as well and also, if you show me something, i’ll be knowing that i’m talking to a person who has some proofs. She didn’t say anything and we went into the studio for the show.

When the talk show was about to begin, she had some afterthought and showed me some text messages. She probably did that because when she was questioned about these messages, she was not able to produce any reasonable answer. She might have showed the messages to me just to tell people that Hamid Mir has seen those messages that Ayesha Gulalai received from Imran Khan & if someone asks her to produce the messages, she’ll say that they can confirm with Hamid Mir, as he has seen them.

Now i can not say that whatever i saw in her phone was true but i can say this for sure that this matter should be investigated.”

“It was a conversation.” Hamid Mir replied when asked if this was a one-way communication or a conversation.

When asked if Ayesha Gulali’s evidence can be presented in the court of law, Hamid Mir said, “I’m very much careful in all this matter because this is very important to establish that this conversation, that she showed me, was between her & Imran Khan. It’s her verdict that the communication was between her & Imran Khan but this has to be established by technical experts who can find out the trail of these messages.” He further said that he’s saying that there should be an inquiry because the PTI members are not in the favor of an investigation and if they don’t have anything to hide then why’re they afraid of an inquiry. It’s in the favor of PTI that this matter gets investigated because Ayesha Gulalai keeps on pressing the issue & the only logical solution would be an investigation.

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