Islamabad Gears Up For ‘Azadi Theater Festival’

Ajoka Theater is taking two of its acclaimed plays “Chaak Chakkar” and “ Charing Cross” to Islamabad for a two day “Azadi Theatre Festival”. The festival is being held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts Islamabad from 20th to 21st of April. The festival will open with a performance of celebrated play “Chaak Chakkar”, and an adaptation by Shahid  Nadeem of German playwriter Bertolt Brecht’s conventional play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”.

Islamabad Gears Up For Azadi Theater Festival

Directed by Madeeha Gauhar, “Chaak Chakkar” raises essential questions about the possession of a country’s wealth and resources and the actual nature of justice and democracy. The play was one of Ajoka’s first and was performed in1985 at the Goethe Institute, Lahore aroundf the time of general Zia ul Haq’s oppressive Martial law, in the aftermath of Z.A. Bhutto’s overthrow and assassination. Ajoka has given this play a new life and it will be currently carried out in Lahore. On 21st April, Ajoka’s brand new play “Charing Cross” will be performed. The musical play is based on political and social changes in Pakistan with Lahore’s Chairing cross as a witness.

Islamabad Gears Up For 'Azadi Theater Festival

The play has been written and directed with the aid of Shahid Nadeem and it takes its audience on a whirlwind journey into Pakistan’s political history and enables them to develop an insight into the political and social modifications since independence 70 years ago.

Ajoka’s executive Director Shahid Nadeem whilst speaking about the festival said that the Ajoka has always projected the message of social consciousness thru socially applicable and significant problems of our society.
The performances of Ajoka’s are exceptional examples of socially meaningful art and deal with issues relating to fundamental freedom and the violation of human rights.

The festival is being organized in collaboration with the Pakistan national Council of Arts while the entry is free.


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