Is What We See Really Real? Or Our Brain Is Tricking Us

As a young dewy-eyed child with a lot of older siblings, I didn’t give much thought to the environment around me or the World in general. And in between all that naivety of growing up, my older brothers and sister unintentionally introduced me to a World of wonder which was different from any other World.

A World where all they did was find answers and meaning to everything, where there was no judgement and no preconception. I sat in the corner absorbing all the creative challenging energies which my mind couldn’t properly process at the time but it sure did make me candid with my thoughts. And in all of that I wondered is green really green?


Is Green Really Green

Well let me begin by saying, how have we defined objects? The obvious answer is through Language. And as we know that the whole concept of perception is based on how we have defined objects. So does that mean that the origin of Language gave meaning to life?

For example, a quantity of 1 Kg and the very concept of 1 and how it is different from 2, are they really different? A chair in front of you is existing in space and time due to the fact that we have given meaning to it, meaning gives life to existence and not the other way round.

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Do I sound like a Flat Earther?

Well give me another chance. Alright so everything we perceive comes from an algorithm of centuries of DEFINING objects, the basis of which language and communication. Well according to that the Greek were the first philosophers, so are we mysteriously at a subconscious level being operated by how the ancient Greeks decided to define the World?

Pain is felt and the very concept of feeling can be based on communication. The path and its possibilities were infinite, but the path that ‘happened’ because of language, culture, philosophy and everything that forms the world and ‘our’ infinity is the reason behind perception and the existence as it appears to us.

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Is green really green or have we mutually described it that way? Maybe what I’m looking at is orange and what you’re looking at is blue, but according to both of us, in our combined infinity of defining objects it’s green so we ‘call’ it that.

The perception is same but the possibility that what we’re both seeing is different, exists. But then again what really is ‘different’? Are things really different, or am I just you and you’re me and the whole Universe.

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As Hilary Putnam puts forth the cat dilemma

Anyways, this is only meant for satire purposes , but in exploring the concept it does make one have a general openness and get rid of judgement because everybody has their own infinity and their own perception, so why the pride? and why the prejudice?  As long as they are not hurting anyone, Live and Let Live.

Because the real truth is humanity and kindness which doesn’t need to be defined, it is I believe innate.

But occasionally also do wonder, what is a cat?


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