Is ‘Wahm’ Simply A Wahm In Our Lives Or Something More?

There’s a famous quote, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” and the truth of it simply can’t be denied.

Doubt or ‘wahm‘ is something almost all of us experience in our lives; whether its the doubt of having forgotten to add salt to the handi or the doubt of feeling like you’re being cheated on; it comes in many shapes and sizes and has been playing executioner to many dreams, young and old, alike.

This thought process of being is a constant state of disbelief, discomfort, uncertainty, mistrust, hesitance, whatever you would like to call it, is it simply a twisted trick of the mind playing on a mind by another mind, or something realistic with an actual sar and payr. 

Wahm ruins more lives in our world than actual facts do, and that’s an observed fact.

You acted that way because you thought he did what he thought they did what she thought I must have done to you for some personal interest.

Do you see where the problem is?

There’s no figure or ground here, just assumptions born out of thin air and then given basis to make up some problem. This is wahm, doubt, an ugly part of man’s personality that he can’t seem to leave behind no matter how forward he goes. Most of the times, wahm is honestly a one-sided story made into something it’s not by personal assumption and opinion. And others it’s the dismissal of actual fact and proof to make up something else. Either way, it’s not something to be proud of.

So that leads me to ask, is this wahm, simply another wahm among us or does it have a practical base?

Because as it is, all I see is one person seeing half the picture, drawing the other half themselves, then posting it around as the real thing to make others believe their version, and somewhere else, someone has the other half of that picture and they’re doing the same thing: so, who’s right here? It’s hard to identify that and it’s turning even harder now that everyone else is so adamant to have their version posted as the correct one.

So while there are many doubts surrounding us in this world, they most likely don’t have a factual basis: they can be eliminated if you try to. In the end, all anyone can say to this is, to not let doubts cloud your thoughts, or the doubt of developing a doubt, because believe me, they’re just as deadly.


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