Is There a Number of Times That You Can Have Fun?

Is there a number of limited times that you can have fun? Do you count every time you have fun? Fearing that a few days are left or you compensate your opportunities just because you will lose the items remaining in the “Number of times you can have fun” list. Again, is there any limit of units of intensity to which you can be crazy and be yourself. Do you control your self on every chance to be purely happy, shout out loud, scream imperfectly, eat vigorously, ask an explicit question?

Is There a Number of Time That You Can Have Fun

Have you ever been nudged in the ribs for acting weird because no one has seen you like that or it isn’t acceptable in the cruel judgmental aspect ratios of the people around you? Do you think that you have to save these moments for a later life, times when you will have everything? Then stop! Stop in a vacuum, in an empty space, in a void, in a silent, desolate place and have a throwback to all those times when you were said, “Don’t do this right now, you will get to do this when you will be a little older”.

Is There a Number of Time That You Can Have Fun

Ah! This phrase has occupied our lives since we were children, since we did not care, since we did not count the number of times we can have fun, since we did not comprehend the cruelty and adversity that lies in this world, since we thought that the true meaning of life is “Inner Peace” and happiness. We were tamed by traditions, by conventions, by infinite spirals of customs, cyclones of rituals taking us in, evacuating what is within us. Making us control what we are or what we can do on that day, making us preserve those expressions for the time when they will die or will not be compatible enough with the environment anymore.

Is There a Number of Times That You Can Have Fun

So, no! the answer is no, there is not a number of limited times or an hourglass with sand pouring down, or any clock ticking or any meter that have a scale to which you can enjoy. Hard to believe? Well that is how it is. Face it, be brave! Say Yes to life! There will be times when you will feel empty or you will get broken, most probably because of the people around you, There may be times when you feel numb because no one appreciated you, but never lose faith, have a broom, and collect your shattered pieces and don’t just put them together again, Make a sky scraper out of it daily, Have fun in now, in today, believe me as you will get old the regrets will only get deeper and real and they will leave you stuck when you will only wait for the time to come, but the only time you will be waiting for will be of departure.

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