Is The Pressure To Be ‘Perfect’ Real For Women?

Yes, it is.

Boys will be boys, is the typical answer all neuro-typicals have for justifying the potentially noxious habits that taint our living patterns. In a broad sense it could mean that YES boys can make mistakes and that is totally justifiable, no one is questioning that. But can’t girls too? Can’t human beings just be human beings, i.e  ‘not perfect’. Striving towards perfection and betterment but having a fair ground to play for both males and females.

And that is exactly what raises the question, do we expect females to be perfect? The criteria for judging behavior and its consequences are different. People who negate feminism argue that why do women want to be like men, men aren’t perfect then why do women want to copy the potentially immoral things men do. The point was never about coping, but about understanding that women are human. They can make mistakes too, but the criteria of judging shouldn’t be different for them. Giving the liberty for choice is the whole debate.

Nothing is justified, but letting people decide for themselves what they have to do is justified. To not attack someone for the same things differently solely based on gender prejudice. To acknowledge the imperfections of women and to think of them as your equal and not some superior flawless ideal being that can never make mistakes.

What if women ‘want’ to come out, do jobs and be independent not because of mimicking men but because of basic freedom, passion or following their dreams. So why judge them drastically ‘different’ for the things (rather for the same things) they have solely decided by their own consciousness for their own selves, the consequences also being their own, something that is in no way going to hurt anyone else.


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