Is Studying Fashion Worthwhile?

In a world where fashion industry rules, it has become a necessity to keep up with the upcoming fashion trends in order to fit in. But the fashion industry demands you to get a proper formal training with most fashion companies looking favorably upon applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The higher you go when it comes to education, the better you stand to make fashion trends of your own one day.

Getting a degree in Fashion designing not only enables you to work in this highly competitive field, but will empower you with the knowledge, creative discipline and professional design skills necessary to work. A degree will give you historical and contextual knowledge that other routes into the industry might not provide.

This is an industry that is changing at an unprecedented rate, with an evolving student generation and a new set of skills and abilities demanded by the profession. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, fashion has encroached on the vernacular of popular culture like never before.

From photography to PR, Design to Merchandising, Fashion journalism, Magazine journalism. Whichever field of fashion designing you choose to specialize in, a Fashion degree could be the key of huge array of exciting career options.

Careers in Fashion

Listed below are few careers in Fashion.

  • Fashion Design

As a fashion designer your job is to design and produce your own garments and products. After starting out as a fashion designer and developing your skills you could produce your ideas and clothes on a large scale. Having leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills could benefit you in your own fashion design business. If you think you should focus on creating the designs and have someone else handle the business, then you should opt for a partnership.

  • Fashion Marketing and PR

Fashion marketing and PR departments are constantly challenged to spread the word about latest styles and style setters. They should have strong communication skills, an in depth knowledge of consumer habits upcoming trends.

  • Advertising

Linked to field of fashion marketing the advertising industry provides a range of careers for fashion graduates. Careers in advertising can be in within print, film or digital media.

  • Fashion Journalism and Publishing

It is one of the popular careers of those who study fashion. Fashion journalists may write for trade publications, PR companies, news sites and fashion magazines.

So if you are interested in anyone of these fields you should try going for a fashion degree.


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