Is Kim Jong Un Really ‘A Mad Man’

Born between 1983-84 (even Korean media can not confirm it) is the youngest son of late dictator Kim Jong Il (died December 2011). Jong Un has spent his life in full privacy and out of sight of national and international media. He is said to be educated in Switzerland and was later enrolled in Korean military university named after his grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung.

Why is Kim Jong Un Called Mad Man

He succeeded his father’s position in 2011 and since he has been a man of his own choice and strategies less concerned with international policies or sanctions. It was revealed in 2012 that he is married to lady Comrade Ri Sol-ju but still much of his personal is kept private.

Why is Kim Jong Un Called A Mad

Kim Jong Un was introduced to many politically uninfluenced people through a comedy movie named “the interview” (PG: strong language and explicit scenes) the movie revolve around the plot when two American journalist are invited to north Korea for an exclusive interview with (fictional) Kim Jong Un. The interview had its hype because North Korea has always had isolated media, nothing about it goes out ever. In an article published by The Guardian website many north Korean’s signaled the authenticity of movie and devastating conditions in country.

Why is 'Kim Jong Un' Called A Mad Man

Anyway, many analysts call kim jong un a mad man because he is upfront reckless in his politics. He is known to have passed orders for execution of his own uncle in accusation of a traitor (2013). It was rumored that his family was executed as well in purge. Fingers were also pointed at him when his exiled brother was poisoned at airport.

He dictates a country with law that the violator of law or any oppressor of Jong un is punishable to death and the three generations of accused will also be held account and be sent to concentration camps. Other than blood ruthless he also refuse to be spoon fed by any foreign country about how he should practice his destructive weapons, let it be America or so.

Why is Kim Jong Un Called A Mad Man

He clearly showed this through his expansion of nuclear power and test of missiles every now and then despite the UN members negative or unappreciated response. there was even exchange of some burns between president of America Donald Trump and Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Mr Trump called the North Korean leader a “rocket man on a suicide mission” while Mr Kim called the US leader a “mentally deranged US dotard”.

We do not talk about the haircut,

The North Korean dictator only halt the weapon exercise after peace making with south Korea after two years (earlier this year he mentioned that there should be less intense military practice of american troops in south Korea to release tension and start dialog between boarders). Many of his people deny the mental instability (rumored by foreign countries) of Jong Un and instead explains that he is not mad or irrational but he is erratic.

Why is Kim Jong UnCalled A Mad Man


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