Is Justice Being Restored In Pakistan?

For decades we have seen murderers, rapists and oppressors walk free due to their power or their contacts being in power. However, the situation in the country might be changing. What began with ruling the corrupt out of the government, is *hopefully* leading to the end of the rule of might. The cowards hiding behind their money are being brought out.

Is Justice Being Restored Pakistan

On June 4, 2017, Shah Hussain, the son of a powerful lawyer, was acquitted of his crime by Lahore High Court, stabbing a 23-year old law student Khadija 23 times in the neck as revenge for speaking out against a judge in May, 2016. The attack occured when Khadija was on Davis Road, getting into her car with her sister. Shah Hussain came with a helmet on and stabbed Khadija 23 times. Her driver forced him away and revealed his face in the process, which was recognized immediately by Khadija and her sister. He was initially given a sentence of 7 years behind the bars. A apellate court reduced his sentence, finally acquitting him despite a whole crowd of eyewitnesses and even a video caught by a witness. That was the system of justice just an year ago. The monster was let loose.

Justice Being Restored In Pakistan

However, recently, the Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo moto notice of this verdict as an appeal was filed in the high court. The son of Advocate Tanvir Hashmi was forced to submit surety bond worth Rs. 100,000 to ensure his presence in the next hearing. Justice Khosa during the hearing wondered what reason there was for Khadija and her younger sister to accuse Hussain of the crime out of all the people.

Is Justice Being Restored In Pakistan

He asked the accused’s lawyer whether both Hussain and Khadija were law students. Khadija was a fellow law student of Hussain when she was attacked. Justice Khosa observed that the victim was attacked during daytime, adding that there would have been room for doubt had the incident occurred during the night under which he was first acquitted.

“There can be no doubt since the incident occurred during the day,” he said.

Though the outcome of the case is yet to be determined, one can only hope that justice will be ruled out in favor of the right.



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