Is India Calling For A War?

On 18th May, 2018, Indian forces opened cross-border fire across the Working boundary at Sialkot. At least 4 people were killed in this unprovoked ceasefire violation by India. The casualties included 3 children and a woman. Reportedly, another 10 people were injured. The military’s media wing stated that the Punjab Rangers are responding to these Indian violations.

Is India Calling For War

India has been committing such acts aggressive acts for a very long time. It has carried out almost 1050 ceasefire violations, resulting the martyrdom of 28 innocent citizens and injuring another 117 people. The Indian forces have been causing a lot of losses along the Line of Control and Working Boundary using heavy weapons. The surgical strikes conducted by India must not be forgotten in this regard. The acts not only violate the ceasefire agreement but also the international human right and humanitarian laws. This also does not bode well for human dignity. Despite the fact that there have been no major retaliations by Pakistan, a time will come when our lazy leaders would have to retort to such atrocities.

These Indian acts of aggression are destabilizing regional peace and security and may result in a serious response or a strategic miscalculation or perhaps lead to war. Indo-Pak relations have been extremely bad since day one. Both countries have been carrying out aggressive and undercover acts, mainly over the Kashmir dispute though India has gone too far, committing acts of terrorism as well. The latest attack on Sialkot has enraged the Pakistani population and may lead to bigger problems if such issues are not resolved.

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