Is Imran Khan Following Foot Steps Of Shahbaz Sharif?

Marrying the Married Woman

If you remember few years ago the sitting Chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif was seriously accused and criticized for unofficially forcing a senior police official to divorce his wife so that Mr CM can get married to his ex wife. No doubt that was a shameful act of a senior Government official and it was condemned by every reasonable person in the society.

And now PTI leader Imran Khan also did some thing like that when he proposed Bushra Manika who was ex wife of Khawar Farid Manika with 30 years of marriage and 5 children. Mr Khawar Manika who is a very respectable man and a Government official a senior customs officer of scale-21 accused Imran Khan for ruining his family life and caused disputes in his family after Imran declared Bushra as his spiritual leader. He started developing relationship with Manika’s family especially his wife Bushra who is a spiritual teacher and Mr Khan claimed to consult her for spiritual guidance, which ended up separation of 30 years of happily married couple, who got divorced. And Khan proposed Bushra as soon as her Idda’t period was over.

Now the question is How is this act of Imran Khan is reasonable? and is he following the foot steps of his grave rival Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Give your opinion in the comments below.


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