Is ‘Ghareeb’ A Mentality More Than A Reality?

Is Ghareeb A Mentality More Than A Reality? Sounds pretty lame, but when you do think about it, it  kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

People come and go, things come and go but people who believe they have nothing, go with nothing, while someone who has that satisfaction of self-satisfaction, goes satisfied.

Its unclear where the idea of ghareeb mentality originates, poverty mentality is a mindset about money that develops over time – it is a “poor me” attitude that develops from a deep-rooted belief that there is never enough.

Believing that you are a victim of others’ decisions and choices, having a fear of spending money on non-essentials, constantly searching for cheapest alternative, even if a discomfort, being obsessed with getting “deals” and free entry, believing that you’re lucky when you succeed, incompetent when you fail, denying yourself as an ongoing way of life, keeping feelings of guilt when you have more than someone else, and etc. all constitute what it’s called to have a poverty mentality.

This is the largest issue facing professionals today, more so than financing, branding, or competition.  A poverty mentality is one that influences behaviors consistent with beliefs that money should not be spent, opportunities are limited, any risk at all is dangerous, any success is temporary and non-replicable, and generally remaining in the back of the pack is safest, while an abundance mentality is one that assures you that you are successful and can replicate that success, you have value and talents in strong demand, and you can handle most situations that come your way very successfully. (And those times you can’t, you’re resilient and bounce back quickly.)

Self-esteem, and a confidence mindset as an individual’s internal locus of power and control are considered the utmost. These factors determine and guide a person’s beliefs, behaviors and decisions—the combination explaining a person’s success. So when a person starts to develop a poverty mentality, they shut down all those doors of potential success for themselves.

It’s not a matter of less control over the self or anything, it’s something so many of us tend to slip into in this world of unrest and despair; it’s almost become a fashion. We simply need to realize a poverty mindset involves mentality, not reality. Look at objective markers of success, not just your own emotions. Then, surround yourself with trusted, talented people who work for you and advise you. Have faith in yourself and these people, and then challenge the ordinary.


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