Is Friendship More Influential Than Family?

Friends become increasingly important to health and happiness as people age

According to new research in the journal Personal Relationships.

It’s commonly seen nowadays that friends sometimes tend to outweigh the important and relevance of parental or family guidance in our lives regardless of the age or gender of the person, friendship holds great importance.

But how influential is this relationship?

Friendship is indeed a powerful thing and also a very important one. Good friends in one’s life can be just the support you need to progress further, because in many cases your friends are there for you and to help you in ways your family sometimes cannot.

Is Friendship More Influential Family

But also keeping this fact in mind that while friendship is important and a remarkably unique gift, no other relation can truly outperform the relation of parent and child and I think that’s what most people these days tend to forget.

They go after maintaining their friendships and bonds with other people while they intentionally or unintentionally ignore and inevitably forget the people responsible for their mere existence.

Like any other thing we have been gifted with in this life, I think the only way to keep everything in check is to keep a balance and to keep equity amongst all.


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