Is Feroze Khan ‘Overreacting’?

Spoiler: Yes.

In a recent viral video from Hum Awards 2018, hosts Ainy Jaffri and Ahmed Ali Akbar mockingly called Feroze khan and his wife an ‘onscreen couple’. They then immediately corrected themselves addressing that the couple really are a real couple, based on ‘real life events’. (pun intended)

Feroze Khan, however, did not take this in good humor, as it is clear from his tweet:


‘I’m part of this not my family’ were his words.

He also added,

It was his way of telling the producers that he will not tolerate any jokes made against his family, but isn’t he a tad bit angrier than he should be, considering the joke wasn’t anything too serious. Besides humor referring to guests on the Award Show is a tradition for all Award shows all over the World, and frankly his wasn’t even that bad. From Oscars to Filmare, jokes on celebrities and their life is common culture.

But maybe he wants to change the culture of making fun ‘as a whole’. Whatever it is he might have his own reasons, but he isn’t the only one who is a part of it.


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