Is Drama ‘Aakhri Station’ is ‘4 Aurtein 4 Kahaniyan’, Taken To The Next Level?

This is ‘4 aurtein 4 kahaniyan’ taken to the next level. Aakhri Station doesn’t start like a typical drama nor is its story line typical of the rona dhona and shadi season in every freaking drama serial on TV. As soon as it starts, the cinematography alone speaks volume, that you are in for something unprecedented and original.

Is Drama Aakhri Station is 4 Aurtein 4 Kahaniya

Then as it proceeds it doesn’t shy away from living up to rather surpassing your expectations until the very end. It doesn’t just tell you about the problems in our society, it tells it in a very real yet subtle way but also how to face all the individual truths of the different stories, told through different women seated in the same compartment of a train one afternoon, and how the combined reality, in one way or the other stems from the same deep-rooted ideas. And then it further tells how to solve it through empowerment.

Is Drama Aakhri Station is 4 Aurtein 4 Kahaniyan Taken To The Next Level

We need more television like this and hopefully someday something on happier and creatively dynamic terms.

Is Drama Aakhri Station 4 Aurtein 4 Kahaniyan Taken To The Next Level

Always watching Hollywood movies and Netflix you get sucked into this fake World that might be true to some but its such a stretch from your own reality. It’s weird that at this point your mind even thinks in English , it does however give you a power to ponder and develop a sense of individuality by being more exposed,  but also makes you a confused breed of generation.

Is Drama Aakhri Station is 4 Aurtein 4 Kahaniyan Taken To The Next

And when you watch something like this, it’s when you realize your own folly to not regard your own culture as your own and something that happens daily to some people and you are PART of that reality ever single day. Something about the rawness of such screenplays makes you realize just a little step further about a realization that is already there,
So more of this please.

Sanam Saeed as Tehmina


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