Is China Taking Over Pakistan?

Pakistan is a part of the subcontinent what the British deemed, “the Golden Sparrow”. We have huge amounts of resources but sadly, we do not have the means to utilize them. Other major and developed countries have always had their eyes on Pakistan’s mineral resources. History has shown that every nation care for naught but itself. So why should this era be any different, when the world is more materialistic than ever, when lives are governed by greed instead of humanity.

China Taking Over Pakistan

We know the fall of the sub-continent, the Mughal empire crumbled to dust by the British. It all started with a trade agreement. Soon, the traders like Robert Clive of the British East India Company grew so wealthy that they began to use the British military and took and fortified many areas in the sub-continent. The day emperor signed the trade agreement, the downfall of the empire started. The colonialism raged for ages, oppressing all who inhabited the country, killing every person capable of turning the tables. And thus, the legendary empire succumbed to the British colonialism.

Look at us today. Isn’t China being a bit over-friendly with Pakistan? Investing billions and so many projects. Will history repeat itself again? Who knows? Maybe China does have a pure friendship or maybe it is just a ruse, to take over our resources like the British. Pakistan is also becoming to dependent on China for all of its development projects. In every single thing, whether it is farming, trading, satellite launches, vehicle or airplane manufacturing, China is involved.We have become so dependent and grown so used to China’s help that we cannot do anything on our own. We have turned into a kind of semi-colony.

China Taking Over Pakistan

Pakistan’s reserves are currently falling and surely it will not be able to pay back its debt to China. It will be no wonder that China will take complete control of CPEC as compensation, just like ti did with Sri Lanka. If we take a look at our manufacturing fields, we cannot produce a single aircraft or rocket engine. Even the cars “made locally” are only put together in Pakistan. We have been left far behind in the space race because we have always bent towards China for our launches.

The world is full of serpents and whether we like it or nor, we must be cautious in our dealings with other countries. Instead of relying completely on China, we should learn to fulfill our needs by ourselves. As it is said:

God helps those who help themselves.


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