Insomnia Part ii – 7 Amazing Hacks And Treatments to Overcome Insomnia You Never Knew Before

Bonus- My mother’s trick that worked for me for 20 years now

Who likes having puffy eyes, dark circles, sleepless lonely nights, feelings of emptiness and sickness? Nobody, right? Many people around the word suffer from insomnia and they find it hard to come out of this because they don’t know how to fight insomnia.

Our hacks, treatments and advice will help you fight this invisible monster and you can go to bed with feelings of relief and wake up fresh after a sound sleep.

  1. Yoga and exercises

Practicing yoga for three months has proven results of curing insomnia effectively. It will not only reduce your stress levels, it will also improve your health, breathing, brain functions and thus improve your overall sleep pattern. Women during pregnancy and menopause should do yoga for a smooth good sleep.

  1. Good herbs

Instead of destroying your health with energy and carbonated drinks, sip on a good green tea or any herbal tea to enjoy a healthy life and good sleep. Some well-known herbs are valerian, hops, chamomile, and wort. It is a natural way with no side effects.

  1. The good posture and sleeping position

Sleeping on the left side is good for a healthy heart, smooth blood circulation and a good sleep. We all enjoy different sleeping positions but try this hack and see how better you can sleep.

  1. Pretend to be sleepy

Fake yawning induces sleep, you doubt? Try it and see the magic. I came across a scholarly writer Richard Wiseman’s book Night School (This book is a fun and enriching read that I highly recommend).

“When you behave as if you are sleepy you become tired. To take advantage of this strange effect, let your eyes droop, your mouth hang open, and your arms and legs feel heavy. Sink into your bed as if you have had a long and tiring day in the office. Even fake a yawn or two. In short, fool your body into thinking that it is time for bed.” – Richard Wiseman

  1. Avoid eating sugary food before bed

Eating candies, cookies, deserts and chocolates boost up the glucose level in our body and make them alert and fresh. Avoid eating sweet things before bed, drink warm milk instead which will not only induce sleep but will make your bones and teeth stronger.

  1. Electronics are sleep suckers

Having a TV, play station, mobile, PC takes your time which you should spend sleeping. It is one of the threatening situations, electronics and smart phones sucking up our time and our sleep. Put your phone in wardrobe to try to get better sleep.

  1. Mama’s advice

I used to get scared at night and had difficulties falling asleep, one I told my mother I am scared to fall asleep, she told me to close my eyes and recite Durood Shareef (an Islamic verse). I did what I was told, I might have recited in less than 10 times and I was already asleep. I am not that little baby anymore who is scared at night but this still works for me, always.


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