India Refuses To Hold Talks With Pakistan

Earlier today, India refused to hold talks with Pakistan. The talks were to be held between the foreign ministers in New York after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s letter to Modi, inviting him for a meeting in order to establish peace in the region.

The invitation was initially accepted by the Indian foreign minister. However, it was refused, perhaps by the pressure of the politicians, the media or the people. The talks were to be held regarding the rehabilitation of peace in the region. Kashmir issue was also mentioned by Imran Khan in the letter. While there were no dates for Qureshi’s visit, Swaraj was to leave for New York on September 24, and both the foreign ministers were also to meet the SAARC foreign ministers lunch on September 27. The meeting was cancelled as India repeated its allegations of terrorism against Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi dismissed the allegations while replying to India’s cancellation of talks as a ruse to further defame Pakistan. He further added that it was an attempt to gain more popularity in upcoming elections by satisfying the anti-Pakistan groups.

Even before he took office Khan had reached out to India saying that he wanted to improve relations with India, if their leadership also wanted it.

“If they take one step towards us, we will take two, but we at least need a start,” he had said.

This was followed by a phone call from Modi in which he appeared inclined to engage, by being, “ready to enter into a new era of relations with Pakistan”.

Pakistan had much hopes of building new ties with India by resolving the issues forming the 71-year old enmity between the two nations. The acceptance of Khan’s invitation was a ray of hope for peace in the region. India’s hesitance to meet up and resolve the issue is an evidence of the fact that India simply doesn’t want this issue resolved.


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