India All Set to Give New Life to a Pakistani Champion

Pakistan’s World Cup winning hockey goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed has denied the country’s offer for a first of its kind heart surgery to treat his disease. As indicated by Ahmed, he needs his surgery to be done in India as the treatment there are superior to those offered in some other country. He has likewise said that it would take a half year to a year for the treatment his heart required.

A Pakistani American heart specialist, Dr Pervaiz Chaudhry, who has performed surgeries in the United States has ordered the instrument for Ahmed. In any case, the hockey legend is said to be careful about the surgery in Pakistan as it would be the first of its kind in the country.

India All Set to Give New Life to a Pakistani Champion

National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease’s Dr Nadeem Qamar has said they are prepared to perform the surgery on Ahmed, yet in the event that he is not comfortable then he could go to India. Individuals in different parts of the world who have comparative surgeries performed on them have said they do not need with heart transplants after they get the gadget embedded in their organs.

India Set to Give New Life to a Pakistani Champion

Ahmed has been experiencing the heart sickness for as far back as three years, after which he connected with the Indian government for a visa so he could get the required treatment. Be that as it may, specialists in Pakistan have said that the former goalkeeper could be treated with in the country. The specialists have said that they would embed a machine in Ahmed’s heart that would draw blood to the organ that was not working properly.

The innovation, which would be utilized without precedent for Pakistan, is embedded in hearts in which one of the ventricles stops collecting blood from an atrium and expelling it to other organs of the body.


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