Imran Khan’s Victory Speech: Why It Was Everything We Needed To Hear

With the elections at an end, the results announced and decisions made, we welcome Imran Khan as the (almost) new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Now, whether you voted for him and are celebrating, or if you voted for some other candidate and are still sulking, there’s one thing neither can deny; the influential and heart-warming words the former cricketer had to say were exactly what the people of this nation needed to hear for a long time now.

Seated between flags of both his representative party, and the national flag, without a written card present to read from, Imran Khan delivered his triumphant speech addressing the nation as he aimed his concern at some of the most relevant issues we face today.

During his victory speech, Khan promised a welfare state system based on the British model.

He also pledged to “strengthen institutions” and “increase income” in order to “get more taxes and benefit the country”. He mentioned how the powerful live in their secured palaces while more than half of the population is left to make both ends meet in poverty. He mentioned Jinnah’s Pakistan, he mentioned the way of governance adopted by the Caliphs and mentioned desire to form a national system with the administration of Madina as example.

He said,

When I came into politics, I wanted Pakistan to become the kind of country that our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted. This election is a historic election in Pakistan.

In this election, people have sacrificed a lot. There was terrorism in this election, I want to especially praise the people of Balochistan, the kind of difficulties that they had to face.

The way they came out to vote, I want to thank all those people. I saw the scenes on TV, the way the elderly and disabled came out in the heat to vote, the way overseas Pakistanis came out to vote. I want to praise them because they strengthened our democracy.”

Imran Khan addressed the way he wants to form government in the country, expressing the desire to use the various governor houses either commercially or to form educational institutes to collect rightful money that would be spent rightfully on the public for development – their taxes would be used on them, in the right way.

I want to describe the kind of Pakistan I want to see. Look, my inspiration is the Prophet Muhammad, the city of Medina that he founded, how it was based on humanity. For the first time, the state was formed based on humanitarianism.

That is my inspiration, that Pakistan should have that kind of humanitarian state, where we take responsibility for our weaker classes.

Throughout his speech, it could be heard loud and clear that the man realizes his responsibility and wishes to fulfill it, and the response of the nation, by voting him in mandate also shows that they see potential within him.

The weak are dying of hunger. I will try my best – all of my policies will be made to raise our weaker classes, for our labourers, for our poor farmers, who work all year and get no money. 45 percent of children have stunted growth, they don’t reach the right height, or their brains don’t develop.”

Khan mentioned the dispute of Kashmir, and how he wants to resolve matters through table-talk, to lessen the hostility between us and our neighbor India. He expressed the desire to create better relationships with all surrounding neighbors of Pakistan and especially China, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

I want all of Pakistan to unite. I want to make it clear that anyone who was against us, who voted against us, I think the kind of personal attacks that I have seen, no one has seen those, but I have forgotten all of those, they are behind me. My cause is far bigger than me.”

Khan mentioned all important issues Pakistan faces today: the dying economy and the failing educational system, bad relationships with neighbors, the Kashmir dispute, the status and condition of the public and so many more things. To a hater it would all seem made up, but you really have to hate him to deny that this speech didn’t give you goosebumps and a tiny spark of a hopefully better future, if not more.

This speech, all these words, they don’t just hold significance because they’re his first words after winning the general elections, they’re the last bit of hope we have, they’re the consolation, the reassurance the people of Pakistan needed that they will not be used and manipulated by the powerful anymore.

Though this is just the start and nothing besides speculation can be done, we hope that Imran Khan proves to be the man the country has needed since its birth to turn the tables and lead us back towards progression. May Allah give him and us, as the people, the strength to succeed in achieving these prospects we dream of, and may we all see the Naya Pakistan we dream to see.


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