Imran Khan Vows Shelter for Homeless

Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Lahore on Saturday to lay the foundation stone for a shelter project in the city — the first of five in Lahore.

The premier shared on Twitter that these will be followed by shelters in other cities across the country.

“We are committed to building a social net for our poor citizens so everyone has a shelter over his/her head and access to health and education.”

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar attended the prime minister at the beginning ceremony for the shelter house.

While speaking to the guests and media at the event, Khan said that today, we are taking the foremost step for the welfare of the people.

The prime minister further said that now that the country has come out of the catastrophe of reimbursement of loans, all efforts will be put in for beginning public-welfare projects.

He admired CM Buzdar for his work so far in the province.

“I told him [CM Buzdar] once and he himself went and saw all the sites [for the shelter] and selected them. Work on the building has also started. Usman Buzdar was chosen as the Chief Minister of Punjab so that the marginalised areas of southern Punjab could be brought at par with the developed areas.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan also assured that the government stands by the Supreme Court on its decision in the Aasia Bibi case.


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