Imran Khan and The Mehran-A Hype On Social Media

Thanks to new media that we easily get dumped by the hype created by social media. Today our lives are so much influenced by it that we believe everything we see on the internet, no matter how absurd it sounds. So, the recent video that circulated on internet of Imran Khan driving Mehran went viral. And, everyone was compelled to believe it or find more about it.

As the video hit the internet, people, especially those supporting PTI, started trending #NayaPakistan #SayNoToProtocol #ImranKhanOurLeader. 
Some even captioned the video on their wall, “Imran Khan going to office without protocol”.
Imran Khan responded by waving hand.

The man, who appears to be a lookalike of PM Khan, waves back at the people who recorded his footage while shouting slogans of “Naya Pakistan”. Initially shared by some Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, the video is titled, “PM Imran Khan travels on Suzuki Mehran (while) going to Prime Minister’s House.”

Later it was found that he was not Imran Khan but resembles Imran Khan a lot and was also once found driving Cultus and even drinking tea on a dhabba.

Imran Khan is now prime minister of Pakistan. Though he has significantly reduced his protocol and denied luxuries of a PM and is not living in PM house doesn’t mean that he’d be driving Mehran. So come on pals!


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