I’m A Pakistani Woman And I’ve Stopped Taking Myself For Granted

A girl’s birth is considered very sacred in Islam, so much so that if a person who fosters three, two or even one girl in a complete manner is promised high ranks in Jannah. In Pakistan, unfortunately due to cultural influence a girl is still considered as a burden. A girl’s life journey is considered a tough responsibility because of the tough time that is given by our culture and traditions. A whole plan is associated with us, dowry, big fat wedding, finding a man with the looks of Prince Charming and wealth of Karun. All our lives we are considered as someone else’s responsibility first father and brother and then husband.

I'm A Pakistan Women And I've Stopped Taking Myself For Granted

So, if the plan goes okay, a girl studied up till say Bachelors and did no job and did find an amazing man to live who was happy to take her as his only responsibility its all good then. Life spent in an ordinary fashion and ended with peace. What if the things you planned did not go well, what the person to whom you trusted your daughter was not capable and she has to bear an enormous amount of inconvenience and dependability even for very small necessities of life or God forbade you died and then your daughter was caught up in any situation that was challenging in case of matrimony or financial aspects.

I'm A Pakistani Women And Ive Stopped Taking Myself For Granted

Then she is left with no other choice than to wait and bear what is not meant to be her burden and could have been altered if her earlier life was a little different. Everybody has an equally productive brain before they are bombarded with a lot of griefs and extensive responsibilities, even girls. So dear one’s think about yourself, about your life, have a second plan other than marrying the man of your parent’s choice and depending on him through your life time. Anything can go wrong, there could be times when you will have nobody to look upon.

I'm Pakistani Women And I've Stopped Taking Myself For Granted

So here is a little change in the earlier plan, study good not just for formal education but with the confidence that one day you can make it work and make money from it. Don’t be that innocent girl who knows nothing, have updates on things either from your field or from the world around you, let nobody harm you, know your rights, have a look at matrimonial rights and laws in Islam before signing the Nikkah treaty with the person you want to spend a life with, sleep with, eat with. Don’t take yourself for granted. Despite of the fact that you are a woman and have a heart of candle wax, put yourself above everything once in a while to examine if the things are going right. Believe in your superpowers, that you can make anything productive and you are no one’s responsibility, no one’s burden.

Do believe that if left alone, you can do more than any man could do and save the day!


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