Imran Khan Marries for the Third Time! See His Pictures With Bushra

Imran Khan is a person who never seizes to amaze us, it it’s all the good or bad reasons that varies from person to person. On a very eventful day of 18th of February,  Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) pulled off the biggest political rally of Sheikhupura’s history and gave a strong message to its rival political parties. The party, many believed is over after its premier and head Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was disqualified over Panama gate scandal, displayed an absolute show of power and Twitter was flooded with #SheikupuraRoarsWithNawaz.

Later on at night people were treated with another breaking news and that is about Imran Khan’s third marriage to Bushra Maneka, the same women who was also his spiritual healer. News of Imran Khan third marriage was brought to limelight by jang/Geo journalist Omer Cheema. PTI negated the story first, but later acknowledged and stated the Imran has sent a proposal to Bushra after she was divorced by her husband. The social media was buzzing later on as the Pictures of Imran Khan’s third marriage were published by his personal aides and friends including Awn Chaudry, Jahangir Tareen and from PTI’s official social media accounts.

Scroll Down to see Imran Khan’s third Marriage pictures

Imran Khan marriage

Imran Khan married to bushra

Imran Khan nikkah pictures

Imran Khan third marriage pictures

Third Marriage Pictures of Imran Khan With Bushra Maneka (Pinky)


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