If These Creepy Coincidences Don’t Blow Your Mind, I Don’t Know What Will

Well if you want to get seriously creeped out then you are at the right place. Do you like conspiracies, well this ain’t no conspiracy but actual real events that make you go like, whatt!?

1. Have A Look At These Identical Twins

Now hear this, they were separated at birth, they were adopted by two different families. Ok now comes the creepy part, they both were named James. Oh no sorry now comes the real freaky part, they reunited and found out that they both married women named Linda, both divorced and married other women, both of them named Betty. And if that wasn’t enough, both the twins named their respective sons James Alan!

2. Well Who Would Have Thought You Could Find Your Doppelgänger On A Book! It’s Crazy

3. Ok This One Is Seriously Scary

I mean come on! Why are the makers of Johnny Bravo still on the loose again? That’s freaking World Trade Centre on fire with coming soon written on it. And this was exactly 5 months before the 911 attacks.

 4. This is Stalker Level Shit I’m Telling You

Ok so this person got up one morning, put up his normal attire, went to his usual job at urban outfitter and guess what he finds out, that a pair of socks look exactly like him! Now how often does that happen? Merely a coincidence or some secret admirer. I mean it’s practically him on that sock.


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