I watched The Godfather and It is Worth the Hype

There are very few people who like classic movies and those who like it are always oozing with love about them. They always recommend the classic “The Godfather”. So, on the recommendations of these aficionados, I watched the movie and it was legit worth it.

Godfather, is the creation of 1972, a masterpiece carved by Mario Puzo. The movie is three parts, first part may be disturbing for you and may not be able to lure you to like the Corleone Family, because of the Don culture and assassinations. But the invaluable lessons it has have changed my mind about theconcepts of love, money, friendship, greatness and much more.

Here are a few things that hit me in the heart:

• The great mystery solved by Vito Corleone:

The great debate, that is always a hot topic among people who like to discuss politics, leadership. We often wonder if great leaders are born or made that way through hard work.

Mr. Corleone resolved this debate and I cannot agree with him more. He is of the view that men are grown great and it’s so true because you are born as a clean slate. It is the experiences and the scars on your heart and soul that makes you the person who you are.

• How the thinkers can become the masters at the end:

So, in the first part Michael Corleone, the youngest son of the Don is shown as the sophisticated one and is always trolled by his brothers for his thinking and slow moves but only he ends up as the intellectual, head of the family.

• Family above all:

The concept that I loved and which put this life altering thought in my mind came from a few quotes about family.  The movie tells us how to support your family no matter what. The family was a unit which never breaks down. Misunderstandings and fights should be forgotten and the importance of family ties and loyalty should never be forgotten.

• Money and friendship:

Michael Corleone the second Don, just said this so casually which reflected all his life experiences and make me believe him right away. You can’t mix these two things, one of the very important lessons throughout the film.

• Religion is core:

Now in the old times, Church was always considered important and major decisions were consulted with the religious point of view. Religion provides us with repentance and moving on.

So have you seen the movie? Share your thoughts and opinions of the movie down below!


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