Hussain Nawaz’s wealth

Hussain Nawaz Sharif is a very successful businessman and eldest son of former Pakistani prime minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. His father was dismissed and disqualified as a prime minister and is not allowed any access to PM office. Hussain Nawaz has his businesses in Dubai, London, and Saudi Arabia. He was a very successful businessman and his businesses made lots of money and Shareef family grew richer and richer every year, and they became one of the top 10 richest families in Pakistan. He is been in business since mid 80’s and he bought a lot of most expensive real estate in London. During all this growing time in business his father made government and became Prime Minister of Pakistan along with Hussain’s uncle and younger brother of PM Nawaz Sharif, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif who has served many times as Chief Minister of Punjab province. So basically Sharif family was in federal Government and also developing and growing their businesses internationally especially in Dubai, KSA, and UK.

Currently Hussain Nawaz is under investigation on a reference submitted to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against him and other members of Sharif family. He admit three companies are owned by him that are mentioned in Panama Papers. He has lots of controversies in his statements, even two of his own statements don’t co-relate, and lots conflicts in family’s statements. Most of his businesses were built by black money taken by his father Nawaz Sharif because he was the prime minister of the country and this whole family was involved in very big and smart corruptions while sitting government in Federal and as well as Punjab province as well. No doubt Sharif family has became one of the top 5 richest families in Pakistan.

Here we have Monay trails, Fund Flows Chart of Hussain Nawaz wealth. All of his businesses are mentioned here and this is the Funds Flow Chart of Hussain Nawaz during 2001-2016. You can either download in pdf format or just click on the link below to read in online.

HNS Fund Flow 2001 to 2008- one page

HNS Fund Flow 2009 to 2016 – one Page


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