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early life of hussain

Age of Hussain Nawaz

Hussain Nawaz is the son of the former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, who was disqualified on the grounds of Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan, and Kulsum Nawaz.

He was born in Pakistan, and is a wealthy Pakistani businessman, who is operating in Saudi Arabia, and currently resides at the Sharif Villa in Jeddah. Basically the residential place of his father during the latter’s exile.

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Family of Hussain Nawaz

The Hussain has two wives and seven children. The second wife happens to be of the Palestinian- Lebanese origin and was the tutor of his first wife’s son.

At the tender age of just thirteen years old, he was quite conveniently able to construct four offshore companies, and was the owner of four apartments in Mayfair, London.

Professional Background of Hussain Nawaz

By the time he was seventeen years of age, he was indeed a self-made corporate alligator. However, at that time the assets owned by him and his family were seized by a military. Hence, he left for Saudi Arabia.  Where, after obtaining a loan he was successfully able to function the steel mill, and which helped him repay the loan within the next four years, and through which he was able to purchase a great many businesses across the globe.

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JIT Controversy of Hussain Nawaz

Hussain Nawaz is presently involved in the controversial judicial case of the Panama leaks, and has not been able to satisfy the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) with the documents submitted for his connection with Al-Aziz Mills, hence is still under investigation. Till now, he has appeared before the investigation team six times.

Another controversy encompassing the Nawaz, was the photo that was leaked during a session of JIT, which sparked public’s concerns regarding the arrangements regarding security that are made by the former.  It created a furore among the masses of both Pakistan, and Qatar, and this has also made the family of the royals hesitant to appear before the JIT. Hence they declined all such invitations and requests.

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Some Pictures of Hussain Nawaz

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  1. Long live Mian Nawaz shareef, the only saviour of Pakistan. Love and respect for Mian Nawaz Shareef and his family.
    Allah bless Mian sb and keep him away from all harms ways.

  2. It’s disgusting asking the toilet is not clean, the whole world calling your father a thief, he got this name, because of you lot to give you unfaithful greedy children the best of the best, now you knew your father was convicted he gave you lot all that money now he has not got a bed to rest on, it’s his kismet brought him in that stage.

    That doughter who in front of the world is not good and so on.

    She kept her fathers name and stood by her father, it should have been the boys but you guys are cowards.
    She risked her life to be with her dad and not left him alone, to suffer on his own she feels what her dad did for her, not only in this world after that she will get reward, you guys could have gone in with your father but too selfish boys who because of him your well off, every penny you eaten and will eat is his. As brought up in cultural country you left your dad to die on his own and face all pain on his own, you will repay this in this would and after this life, I pray to god for him to have strength and health to see you two suffer and make you realise what you did to him.

    I am not a Pakistani but I felt that mans pain, and his fears.and his face and the stress.

    Anyway all I say you will come one day at this point your is standing. Inshallah, it’s going to be worse to you two, brothers,

    I hope this message makes any sense into you lot.

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