Humans: Are We a Parasite?

Parasitism, a type of symbiosis in which an organism (parasite) lives and feeds from the body of it’s host and in return, harm it. All the necessities it gains from it’s host, it’s safe haven and still causes it pain and suffering. Are we humans any different? Can we also be termed as parasites, living on this planet? Before we came into this world, it was a picture of heaven. Lush green forests, clean air, no kind of ecological problems, an extraordinary variety of species. Animals lived in their natural habitats, the perfect harmony between flora and fauna.

Humans Are We Parasite

And then we came along. For ages, we lived by the nature, respecting it. But after some time, we became materialistic. With the industrial revolution in Britain, we became parasites on our Earth. Tremendous amounts of Carbon, Lead, Sulfur and other poisons began to be released into the environment. The soulless nation of the Great Britain cared not for the fragile Earth. Their materialistic beliefs began to spread, to fester in the other nations. They murdered those who preserved the beauty of Earth. They stole its riches for a few moments of luxury. In the name of modernization, technology and advancement, we have destroyed our very home. Our obsession with luxury is the very cause of this planet’s demise.

Humans Are We a Parasite

Humans Are We a Parasite'

Imagine an organism living on you that would contaminate your blood, cut down all your hair, contaminate the air in which you breathe, drill holes in you, kill your cells. how would you feel? Aren’t we doing the same to Earth? We fill its oceans and rivers with waste and whatnot, killing all its aquatic life, destroying their homes. We cut down forests when our greed and lust for money is not satisfied. We kill animals for sport. What species do we know that is not endangered? How many species have gone extinct because of us? Imagine if someone did that to you. Killing millions of people in minutes. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Because its sport, right? We are so over our heads that we do not see the future that lies in front of us, a burned, barren Earth, a wasteland. Us, a forgotten species, once so full of pride now wandering in the desert, like animals, savages. That is our future, our doom. And this will stay unless we change ourselves, our way of life.

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