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Humaima Malick is now considered the queen of the supermodel explosion that started over a decade ago. The beauty belongs to the heart of Quetta; standing 5’7″ she is the most sought after face in the industry today. To know what she’s up to, below is her social feed:

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Eid mubarak Musalmano ❤️ be sweet and more kind on this meethi Eid 🙌🏻

(2) belongs to another color and race. and the father of the prince walked her down the aisle. We never know what God holds for us. He is the best of the planners ! #MeganMarkle #meganandharry

Hence proved. your past has no match over your destiny. from taking pictures as a tourist outside bukhingham palace to marrying the prince himself. overlooking her divorcee status,working in movies , being an actor

Harrasment is a real and serious issue. It's not something that you make light of and justify by making it sound any less serious then what it is. Understand the message first rather then taking it as a joke and commenting casually as if it stands for nothing wrong

Sexual harrasment is a persistent problem. What baffles me is the comments of people making light of it or resorting to character assassinations. We are missing what the real issue is here. We need to start with educate people make them sensitive to the issue to take it seriously

I have witness the religion that he belongs to which is called humanity. Today is a sad day @BeingSalmanKhan you are a bigger person than all of us. Respects for you always and forever.

Personal relationships ought to rise above political warfare. I've visited #Pakistan a few times and have made some unfailing friends; one being @HumaimaMalick, who is, in this pic, on the #Pak side of #Wagah. You can see #India in the background.

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