HUM TV’s Statement Against The Bycott Of HUM Awards Does Make A Little Point

It was one of the most important days for the history of the country and while the general public was busy casting their votes, the Pakistani celebrities were busy in Toronto preparing for an Award ceremony. It wasn’t long before a debate stirred on social media against these actors and actresses and how they had forgotten their national duty.

Here are some comments by angered fans:

Many celebrities however took a 14 hour flight and flew back to be part of the elections. There were some who even stayed back, still there were quite a few who weren’t able to breach their professional commitment. This infuriated the general public of Pakistan and they have now started a petition to boycott Hum Awards 2018.

In view of this backlash Hum TV released an official statement clearing their stance and it does have a point (kinda) although nothing is above the country and the duty we have towards it.
The statement goes as:

What was required of them was a better pre-planned management. Needless to say HUM TV is not completely wrong when in it comes to its helplessness in extending the date for the event as it could cost them millions probably.


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