Hua Kuch Yoon: Rise Of Pakistan’s Performing Arts

Revival Of Stage Industry

Dawar Mahmood an amazing actor and director at PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts) is responsible for the upbringing and fostering of serious, light-comedy stage shows in Pakistan. He has revived the industry through the projecting of his stupefying plays as “Angan Terha” written by Anwar Maqsood, Half Plate and a masterpiece “Siachen” which was a comedy play again by Anwar Maqsood covering all the hindrances and brutality of snow which Pak-army faces at Siachen glacier.

Hua Kuch Yoon Revival

Dawar, now in association with Kopy Kats “A production House” are directing a play by Aneeqa Khan named “Hua Kuch Yoon” . It’s a sweet and sour depiction of love stories of current times and times before partition, it humorously covers the obstacles and curbs of the lovers of Pakistan and Bharat at the times of revolution. It puts light on how the situation of war between the two countries plays the role of a devil to ruin their individuality.
Mishal & Yasin die in a fatal accident but they found themselves as spirits who live, in a mystic place where all is possible, barring a few things. They decide to marry to be together for rest of their lives. However, two strange men, Bunta & Janta, advise them to not to get married. “Why?!”, the lovers protest.

Hua Kuch Yoon Revival Of Stage

In response, they are narrated the story of Qurat-ul-Ain & Raja Mahmood, two victims of Jallianwala Bagh. A traumatic and agonizing event when general Dyer opened fire on the innocent and peace loving people of Subcontinent ,two of them survived, & their tragic love story. The play chronicles the events of partition & history, merging them in a wonderful journey of nostalgia that is bound to get tears into the eye.

Hua Kuch Yoon Revival Of Stage Industry

The play has been played at Karachi and different cities of Punjab and has now come to Islamabad. The location is PNCA theatre in Constitutional Avenue F-5 Sector. Starting from 25th of April. The ticket bookings can be done at the following details:

Tel: 0321 204 9423 / 345 635 0821.
We wish all of the good lucks to Kopy Kats team for their show in Islamabad.


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